Friday, May 3, 2013

Estrella Mountain Conference, STEM map and a yummy dessert

Alright everyone, I have a lot to say today, I might actually go over the word limit we have. Thinking back about writing weekly blogs, I grew to appreciate it more and more because now I have something to look back to and read over and say "oh, I remember that!" and "woah, look at all that bacteria!" I believe that writing, in general, is therapeutic and healthy. Any who, this blog post will cover the conference from earlier today, some STEM related project and yummy fruit tarts :)

To begin, as you may already know, today was the day of the Estrella Mountain Student Research Conference! The campus is so beautiful and it was a breezy day for the most part which was really enjoyable. The keynote speaker was so inspiring. She is a current lead researcher in the Alzheimers Insititute here in Phoenix. She is originally from Phoenix and decided to later come back as the kind of research (aging neuroscience) was available here in Phoenix. Hearing other people's stories and how they overcame the many obstacles in their academic and personal lives to get to where they are today makes me realize that I can do that too! Afterwards, there were many oral presentations and lunch followed. The others interns, Dijana and I went to In N Out instead :D yummy! The poster presentations were a success! I had a really good time interacting with other students and faculty members as well as the judges!

Congrats to Saterah for placing on the top 3! She was kind of nervous and I told her that she's been working on this project all semester so it would be really good if she just explained her poster to the judges as if she was explaining to a friend but to use more scientific terminology etc. She did a super fabulous job and I am so proud of her overcoming her initial fear and going out there and putting Phoenix College on the map! Congrats to everyone for participating and getting accepted (about half of those who applied got accepted so that's something to be very proud of!) Congrats to everyone for making it through this semester as I know for many of us, this is our final semester at Phoenix College!

Here I am with my poster :)

I was obviously excited haha. I had a really good time!

For Picture of the Week, I have three photos I wanted to share with you all! The first one being the bottom one of the yummy fruit tart I enjoyed on Wednesday thanks to the Math department for taking all the tutors out for Tutor Appreciation day! I want them to know that I appreciate them for the tremendous support and my fellow tutors in the Math Zone! It has been wonderful working with such an amazing and dynamic group of individuals. Thank you all! 
The second photo I've been wanting to share with you all this week is the following: 

This poster has been a semester long project with the STEM scholars. It was someones fantastic idea (not sure who it was) but when I first heard about it, I was really excited to see it come together. I think it does a really good job at showing the diversity that we have at STEM and at the same time, we have the same goals: helping others and helping each other. I want to give a special shout-out to all the STEM Scholars this year and for being so supportive of one another. I appreciate each and every one of you. I think our team this year was really special as each and every single one of us has something special to offer and it's been a pleasure working with you all. I appreciate you all! Shout-out to Mrs. Ana Lampis, our Math and Science Specialist for putting all our STEM events together and for her endless support and interesting conversations  Thank you all!

Last but not least, another sunset. :)

Hope you all have a productive weekend, I know we will all be super busy with finals preparations! Remember to get some sleep and to treat yourself to something special every time! I look forward to seeing you all at graduation next week! 

Much Love, Khadidja M

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